Headed to Hastings

I’m still cranking out the projects here in the Chap. This time it’s a historical piece, a 1/16 scale bust of a Norman warrior at the battle of Hastings.

This is another great model from FeR, whose line has become a favorite of mine. These small busts are cheap and offer a good chance to practice different textures and ideas on a project you can complete in a matter of days.

Thanks for stopping in. Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Headed to Hastings”

  1. The face and his intense gaze stand out to me because both his eyes and face are really well done. The cloth textures look really nice and realistic as well. You’re making these busts look easy and I know they take a fair amount of practice to master!

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    1. I’d say give one a try if you ever want a change of pace. This one is 1/16 scale, pretty small (though still enormous compared to a LotR mini), doesn’t take forever to paint, inexpensive. They’ve definitely had a learning curve, but have proven really rewarding.

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      1. I will have to do that and I appreciate the suggestion! I’m scared of painting the eyes because some busts have remarkably lifelike eyes and I’m used to doing really small and simple eyes for better and worse.

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