Painting Maulg was a serious investment of time & effort, taking well over a month, and my OSL experiment mini bust, which I called ‘What Have We Done?’, was short but intense. I wanted a little palette cleanser while I waited for some models to arrive, so I pulled out this dinosaur I’ve had for years.

I got him painted in three fun days.

I originally bought the figure to make a gift for my young nephew…

But by the time I was ready to paint it he had sort of outgrown his interest in dinosaurs.

Ah well, still a pleasant project and just what the hobby doctor ordered, mojo-wise.

Thanks for taking a look. Let me know what you think in the Comments section below!

6 thoughts on “Rrrraaaaaawwwwwwrrrrrr!”

  1. You can’t fool me, Rhett! This model of your favorite carnivore has been for YOU since you bought it.😉 It looks great, but you should have let Dr. J do a little dentistry for the poor guy!

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  2. Your description of your nephew’s interest in dinosaurs mirrors mine. I found them interesting for a short time and that was pretty much it. Having said that, the bust is a nice sculpt and I love the colors you chose. It really makes the dino look fierce, evil, and like something that resides in Jurassic Park. I’m curious to see what project you tackle next as you do a great job of maintaining a variety in each project you work on.

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