Fear by Firelight

I finished a mini in a week. Gotta be some kind of record for me!

What a wonderful sculpt. I enjoyed every part of the process. Best of all, I jumped into the OSL effect with both feet and didn’t crash and, ahem, burn.

I had so much fun dealing with the challenge of the two light sources. There are great volumes in his contorted face to practice rendering on. I’ve had different reactions on his expression, and I’d be interested to know what you think he’s feeling.

Here are some different angles to see the effect.

I’m pretty chuffed (as my British friends say) with the NMM chainmail. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to carry it off, but I’ve been pushing myself to take risks on my pieces recently and knew what I wanted to do with the light, which meant I couldn’t fall back on metallics to get me through.

I’m ready to take on a new challenge and a new mini. I just have to prep something first. Argh!

4 thoughts on “Fear by Firelight”

  1. I’m amazed how fast you got this done! I find OSL slows down my painting as I have to keep thinking about how the light looks, do I need to make any adjustments, etc. so the fact that this mini looks so good and got finished so quickly is really impressive. The guy’s face and the lighting give this piece a lot of character. I also enjoy the word chuffed as well 🙂

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    1. Thanks, bud. Always appreciate your feedback & support.
      With the OSL it certainly simplified things that I was working with a bust, so I only had one angle to worry about (well, two of you count the moonlight on the other side). But yeah, I was also surprised that it came together so quickly.


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