Crossing the Finish Line!

After many weeks of painting and modelling, my Maulg is finally finished.

I challenged myself a lot on this project but enjoyed the whole process. I definitely became more comfortable and confident with NMM and the broad use of stippling.

The base came together pretty readily, but still offered a lot of fun. Trying to capture the force of the wind with the rushes and the ribbon, hiding tiny mushrooms & flowers among the grass, and the creation of the rocks with Milliput all gave me a chance to create a rich and detailed environment. Great stuff.

I hope at some point we have some painting competitions. I’d love to show him! Even barring that, though, he gave me a great learning experience, a model I’m proud of, and many hours of sheer enjoyment.

Thanks for taking a look. Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Crossing the Finish Line!”

  1. He has quite a lot of personality and I think he is right up there among your best projects. The paint job and the basing work are both top-notch! I’d say you did an excellent job sticking with this project and the rewards are there for all of us to see 🙂

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