Week in the Woods (26 IV)

Cassie, Dada, and even Mama got out into the woods this past week, sharing some beautiful Spring flowers, sunshine, and fellowship. The woods have really woken up and offer a chance to restore spirits taxed and tired by isolation.

Nature makes me so happy with its extravagance, ingenuity, and surprises, and Spring is perhaps when the natural world gives most generously to the human soul.

Not to be undone by a carpet of violets and spring beauties, these tiny British soldier lichens were showing off in a forest full of blooms. I was super excited to find them… Cassie & her mom left me behind as I took picture after picture! Read on to see what else we found!

Can’t have an April Week without some nice flowers, some wilder than others.

We found some great mushrooms, too. This one definitely looks like a friend of the Mushie Man.

Cassie loves to spot mushies, and I’m always surprised how she recognizes what they are despite their radically different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Nice golden sporophytes.

A cool old tree with a hole in it!

A beaver lodge. The evidence of beavering was all around.

But these red darlings were my favorites of the week.

I even got this great shot where I seem to have caught British soldiers, pixie cups, and powderhorns growing side-by-side.

And there’s my little wood elf. She’s turning two in a few weeks. There won’t be a party or friends, but maybe we’ll be able to visit a park and hunt mushies, practice throwing rocks, and teach Mama about lichens. That’s sounds like something we’ll all enjoy!

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