Big Blue

I’ve perhaps turned a corner with Maulg. He seems to be progressing more quickly now. It’s fun to finally see some of the details come into focus.

Read on for some more views and a peek at my new painting space!

Now that I’m working from my hobby room, I had even more reason to commit to a thorough cleaning and a rearrangement of a few things.

Here’s my new digs. I’m genuinely not yet comfortable with having room to stretch out. It’s so nice having a place to set things, though!

3 thoughts on “Big Blue”

  1. He’s really coming to life now! He may end up being your best painted mini yet at the rate you’re going. The new work space looks roomy and cozy all at once. Having a TV nearby is nice. I end up using my phone to watch Youtube or listen to a podcast but if I had a TV that would be a definite upgrade!

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been popping old DVDs (still got em!) in while I paint. Haven’t started the LotR or Star Wars marathon yet, but how long can it be?
      And when I say marathon, I mean spread out over many days. Cassie isn’t going to let Dada hide away in his hobby room all day!

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      1. Haha, the lure of the dark side and/or the one ring can be difficult to resist! 🙂 I’ve heard some people get a lot of motivation from watching a movie or TV show that is similar to what they’re painting so I think having that on hand could pay dividends for you.

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