Mister Maulg

After the completion of my dwarf bust I was eager to continue pushing myself in new directions as a mini painter. I found an ideal figure sitting around, prepped and ready for action.

This is a WIP shot of King Maulg, sculpted by Allan Carrasco. He won’t really be a king for me, just a strange blue trollish monster who never misses arm day at the gym. The jungle gym!

I started this figure by taking on my NMM aversion. I love the technique and admire it greatly, but I’ve not experimented much with it and knew it wasn’t going to become part of my repertoire unless I jumped in with both feet. The axe head was a large, make-or-break feature on Maulg, so I was putting the whole project on the line. I tend to like worn metal objects with some personality, so that’s the look I aimed to achieve. The axe took a long time to paint, as it was a process of trial & error. I’m really happy with the result and I’m eager to explore non-metallic painting on other projects in the future.

If the axe took a good while, the skin has been far more of a marathon. I decided I wanted to use stippling to add texture and textural contrast. I’ve used stippling on small areas of clothing before, but never as a means of rendering skin. It’s another technique I’ve often admired and I decided I’d see what I could achieve applying it myself.

I’m enjoying this project a lot, and I’m eager to see what the end result looks like. Still, I’m even happier that I seem to be learning a lot with Maulg. My decision to push myself has paid off in confidence and experience that I can hopefully bring to future projects as well.

2 thoughts on “Mister Maulg”

  1. That is very impressive work on your first NMM weapon! It looks very convincing to my eyes. I’m not surprised that the skin is taking a lot of endurance to paint as there is quite a lot of ground to cover on this guy! I have found that painting trolls or ogres with lots of skin can be a real chore but if you stay patient and glaze and stipple, it ends up looking really nice in the end. I look forward to seeing more updates on this guy and I wonder what his base is going to look like too.

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  2. Wow! Lovely NMM on that axe, and the skin looks great too. I’ve tried and failed on many occasions to do the super slick NMM, but it always went poorly. I only use NMM on 28mm scale and the most simple, grimy version of it.

    I take my hat iff to you skills sir!

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