BloodASMedium’s Rust of Nurgle

Our good friend John Margiotta, aka BloodASMedium, is back with another tutorial covering one of his specialties. This time he’s opening the hood on his heavily rusted iron/steel. I love the physical texture he achieves with this additive approach.

These beauties – er, uglies – form the Clan of the Bleeding Eye. John is always cranking out amazing units, and these spire tyrants turned to the worship of Nurgle look like they’ll prove no exception.


Ok, here’s how to produce an ultra-heavy rust effect suitable whenever you want maximum corrosion.

In addition to some metallic steel paints & washes, these are the specialty products you’ll be using.

First up is a basecoat in Leadbelcher (GW).

Next, a heavy wash in Nuln Oil (GW).

After the bath, use the AK Corrosion Texture to paint in layers of various thicknesses. Once that’s set up, paint the entire weapon in dark Crusted Rust Deposits (AK).

Once the texture is dry, use Vallejo light yellow ochre pigment to pick out small random spots on the weapon. I usually mix my pigment with the fixer. This way it behaves like a pigment wash, which gives tremendous control.

Now bring back some metallic shine by giving a light drybrush to all the edges using a soft make-up brush. I’ve used Heavy Metal from Scale 75.

This step helps establish the weapon is still used enough to keep the rust from collecting on the cutting/smashing/poking edges & surfaces.

Here are some weapons all painted in the manner described above.

Sometimes I’d selectively dab in some drab green to show some of the funky oxidation that metal can acquire. Or I might here and there add some Nurgle’s Rot (GW) to show that these weapons are corrupted and can cause a poison-like damage even if they don’t kill an opponent outright.

BaM being BaM, the final step will be to add copious but controlled blood & gore to these weapons.

Here are a few more shots of John’s group as it develops. Get a load of those great shields. Clan of the Bleeding Eye indeed!

Thanks, John, for offering a look at this usable and effective technique. I hope we’re able to catch up at a show when the grip of Nurgle finally loosens, as I look forward to seeing how this lot turn out.

3 thoughts on “BloodASMedium’s Rust of Nurgle”

  1. He is great at these techniques and I recently started painting some things that are rusty so this is a timely read. I would whole heartedly recommend AK Interactive’s products when it comes to rust. They have a lot of options and they’re pretty easy and forgiving to work with.

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  2. Excellent painting, love this take on Nurgle. I think I prefer this more naturalistic aesthetic to the more fantastical stuff you tend to see.

    If you have any suggestions for Dark Eldar and/or Slaanesh, I’d LOVE to hear them.

    Liked by 1 person

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