Week in the Woods (5 IV 20)

Getting outside has been a bright spot in these strange, lonely days. While others have discovered the parks I love, I confess I’ve mostly stayed close to home. Still, there are interesting things to find if you know where to look.

Spring is underway, but Winter is still visible. New colors have appeared and the air is filled with the songs of the birds.

Flowers both wild and domestic give Cassie & me plenty to admire.

All sorts of moss are sparkling green and sprouting cheerful sporophytes.

Mushrooms new and old are out & about. I’m looking forward to finding a lot more as the season rolls on.

As always, the best part about being outdoors is sharing it with my little girl. Her cheerful ignorance of the world’s ongoing crisis has made it possible, at times, to be grateful for even these trying circumstances. Her youthful energy and enthusiasm is mirrored in the vitality of the season, and I am eager to share more of it in the weeks to come.

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