Week in the Woods (26 III 20)

In these days of confinement and anxiety it’s been comforting to get outside even a little bit. I thought I’d share some pictures from the last few weeks, which saw Winter slowly loosening its grip on my area, even as we all hunkered down.

My wife spotted this stick snake on the short trail near our house. I love its goofy nose. Now we check for it each time we walk by.

There were plenty of likable lichens everywhere.

I’m not sure if the little disks in the last image are part of the lichen (which they seem to be) or a fungus coexisting with it. I’ll head back to that tree soon with my macro lens for a closer look.

This little fellow popped his head up for a look around. Never seen a bracket fungus grow a stalk before.

Here I found some crust fungus that looked almost petrified. Is that a map of Venice?

A wild… oh wait, that’s just my cat Cora up in a tree. She is a lethal bird hunter, though, so I think she’d do pretty well in the woods.

A bit of bark accented by some tasteful algae. Nice color contrast on this pretty lady.

There it is, a promise of Spring. These rampant and ready sporophytes have sprung up everywhere to commence the important business of moss reproduction.

Truth is I haven’t gotten to be outside as much as I’d like, as much as I ought. Still, the moments of appreciation I’ve enjoyed as I focus on Nature’s quirks, complexity, and beauty have helped to make this tense and tedious period more hopeful and more fun. I hope you’ve been able to get outside as well and that your time in the woods reminds you of the great and constant rhythms that remain untouched by our world’s troubles.

One thought on “Week in the Woods (26 III 20)”

  1. It’s fun to see that we were both likin’ lichens this week and finding similar treasures 200 miles apart. Your sporophytes? Those were the exact beauties I photographed with my macro. They’re beautiful! Snake stick? I found a vicious crocodile as pointed out by an online friend. Check out my photos to see if you can spot him. 😉 I found no rare calico tree cat, though. I’ll keep looking!

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