Bragg the Broken

I’ve finished the great little bust from Lukáš Žaba. Lukáš developed an original concept of the character, Bragg the Broken, an impoverished dwarven king. I thought this was a great idea and let it guide some of my painting decisions, so I’m keeping the name in recognition of the influence I felt.

And here he is! I’m really happy with how he turned out. Plenty to improve upon next time, but I managed to convey what I was trying to with my brushes. I really enjoyed all the strange little ceremonial knick knacks he was wearing.

Since I feel that true metallic paints on minis basically imply that you’re mimicking shine & finish, I added gloss medium to the green & red stones and Bragg’s eyes. I like how the different surfaces contrast with one another.

I also took this project as a reason to finally start a Putty & Paint account. I long ago stopped posting most of my efforts to CMoN’s gallery, but I’m attracted to Putty & Paint’s scoring system. Should be a nice way to show off my projects and my progress. You can check out my first post here. Er… you might recognize the photos!

Photography was the primary reason I have resisted signing up for P&P. I just can’t seem to master the art of miniature photography. I’m going to try to improve in that regard (not that I haven’t tried already), and perhaps placing my miniatures alongside the work of the best painters and sculptors in the hobby/industry will encourage me to step up my game.

If you’re interested in the sculpture (and painting) of Lukáš Žaba, have a look at his website. He has a beautiful range of busts and full figure sculptures expressing his distinctive aesthetic. I found this model very enjoyable to paint and would love to paint more of Žaba’s sculptures in the future.

3 thoughts on “Bragg the Broken”

  1. Bragg came out really well! I love how his necklace looks too. There’s something about it that shows his lower class and perhaps hints at why he is so stern as well.

    I stopped sharing my work on CMON because of similar reasons. The amount of people voting on things kept going down to where it felt like you were only putting your work in front of 20 people. Putty and Paint could be a great alternative and there is certainly a lot of great artists there from what I have seen. I struggle with miniature photography too and often find my photos are just a little behind the overall quality of the paint job which is a bit discouraging at times. If you ever find the secret to taking amazing pictures, I’m all ears 🙂

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    1. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful & supportive feedback. I’m glad you like Bragg and feel like he’s telling a story. I like the idea that the culture has one or two very valuable items (like the golden crown he wears), but that they’re forced to display them with shards of bone and pointy teeth. Also, that maybe they were once fine craftsman capable of carving the stone pendant, but that the art has been lost. Those were a few of the ideas in my head as I painted.
      As far as photography goes, I’m definitely eager to improve. It’s very frustrating, as I’ve tried the things that are always recommended (e.g. lightbox, multiple light sources, tripod) and still get disappointing images. My main problem, I think, is overly harsh lighting. I’m dispersing the light, but perhaps not enough. As a result my colors are washed out, my highlights blasted up into nasty white, and my background accented rather than obscured. If I can crack the code , I’ll definitely share what I learn.

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      1. That is a really cool concept for Bragg and the thought you put into the project is why I think miniature painting is an art form. Even if sculpts are “pre-determined,” you can still interpret and paint it in interesting ways.

        I use a lightbox myself and it does help but I find that it is often a very fine line between too much light and too little. My camera is not anything fancy and is 5+ years old now so I’m tempted to buy a new one and see if that helps. I suspect though it is more about skill than it is equipment used for the most part. I hope you’re able to unlock the great secrets of photography. I’ve even tried enlisting my Dad who is a photographer himself and no such luck yet!

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