The Return of the King

I’m going to try to buckle down and finish off this little bust from Lukáš Žaba. I started him a while ago but sort of lost steam. I think I succumbed to the paralysis that visits us when we fixate on how good, and how much better, every detail ought to be. I think I’m ready to just dive in, do my best, and move on the the next thing. If I have fun painting and learn a thing or two (which I already have), then he’ll be a success.

And since I’ve got nothing else to do, I’ve also got another 40k Kill Team project started!

I’ve enjoyed painting my Dark Angels and wanted to keep rolling with the Adeptus Astartes, so I decided to give the Deathwatch a go.

They’re not regarded as a particularly strong team, I gather, and I have not optimized the roster for competitive play (shotguns & thunder hammer, anyone?).

Still, I’ve kitbashed a cool looking team that can hopefully hang in casual play.

I have a five man roster to start, and I’ll build & paint more models as seems worthwhile. Truth is, I don’t play much any more, so the impetus to bulk out the team is weak.

I used primaris bodies for all the figures, though 4/5 are actually veterans in game terms. I added one skull to the bases of the vets and two to the base of the lone intercessor. Just a little memory aid for my opponent.

I don’t plan to power through this project quickly, as, for one thing, it might be a while til I can actually meet up with an opponent, and, for another, I just want to have some fun with these guys. I’m not sure, but I might try out some new or little practiced techniques on these fellows. I’d like to use them as a learning exercise as well as a chance to paint a cool looking group of space marines, but ultimately I intend to do what I think will serve the models and my intended aesthetic well.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane in these strange times. Remember to reach out to each other in the ways we still can. Find ways to keep your mind and body active, indulge the creative impulse, and remember everything you have to be thankful for.

Check back here often to keep up with my hobby and art projects, or check out some of the stuff on the site you’ve yet to discover. Read this amazing story, for instance, and maybe I’ll write another chapter for you!

2 thoughts on “The Return of the King”

  1. Its great to see you getting back to mini painting and both of those projects are going to be great. The bust is already looking really nice and I like the conversions you did on the Dark Angels. They are going to have a lot of character once you slap some paint on them. Looking forward to more updates and I hope you and your family stay safe. Its getting a little scary here in Chicago with how many cases there are. I’m staying in and getting plenty of hobbying in on the bright side.

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    1. Thanks for the support and well wishes. These strange circumstances are oddly well suited to quiet hobbies like ours. I think it’s fortunate to have something like mini painting or art to provide focus for our time, an outlet for our energy, and a distraction for our tired, anxious minds.
      I hope you & your family stay safe and positive throughout this trying experience.

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