A Week of Cephalopods

From knots to… octopodes!

I decided to draw a few tentacles, one thing led to another, and I knocked out several drawings on this theme in just a few days.

Read on to see them all… and maybe a bonus illustration as well.

This is what started things in this nautical direction. I just wanted to use my Copics and do something a bit stylized.

These two drawings form a little (and I mean little) diptych in my sketchbook. I wasn’t able to finish the project for a week, and I’m not sure I completely recaptured the style of the first drawing. Still, I like the drawings individually and I’m pleased with the result.

This eye I drew as practice for the image I knew I wanted to draw as a component of the little pair. I used the same reference picture, because I liked it best of those I found. And it worked well for illustration purposes.

Ok, I couldn’t resist the obvious Cthulhu associations with all this cephalopod stuff. The symbol in the drawing above is the elder sign as drawn by H.P. Lovecraft. The familiar and, if I do say so, stupid looking star sigil is the creation of August Derleth, Lovecraft’s literary acolyte.

Here’s just some more tentacle practice and a stab at some seaweed. I called this image ‘peakaboo’, because the rest of the octopus is hidden. They are masters of camouflage.

Bonus drawing!

3 thoughts on “A Week of Cephalopods”

    1. Nice, thanks. I might pursue the style of hatching I used on the ‘Excaliber’ drawing some more. I was just messing around, but maybe it would be worth trying to refine that a bit and applying it in some more finished drawings.

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