Drawing Therapy

I’ve been busy or, more accurately, heavy with responsibilities lately. Not important stuff, but stuff that had to get done. It’s part of my job and it’s predictable, but it still takes me out of my routine and puts me off my stride emotionally.

As soon as I was able I carved out a little time to do some drawing. I can get an illustration completed in a couple of hours, so it’s a really effective way to reconnect with my creative energies.

These are more pixie cup lichens which I found a few weeks ago near my family’s cabin in central Pennsylvania. I wanted to try out some new texture/shading techniques without the use of color. Really, I just wanted to jump into a little project that would give me a much needed jolt of fun.

As I often do, I moved things around to create a nice little composition. I can see some flaws in my drawing, but that’s definitely not the point. I had a fun time trying my best with it and got my mind free of other concerns for a brief period. I think it’s important to view art as something you do, not something you make.

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