Week in the Woods (25 II 20)

Cassie & I were able to hit the trails for the first time in weeks yesterday. Lately it’s been either dry and cold or warm and wet, but never nice enough for a good hike. Our excursion was great fun, even though the woods were pretty drab. Here are a few of our finds!

I like these ancient bracket fungi. They seem almost petrified to me. Cassie had fun running her fingers across their bumpy tops.

These colorful little gribblies were all growing from the branches of the same downed birch tree.

Handsome puffballs have held up remarkably well in the weather.

Some ragged false turkeytails offered a touch of color as we finished our hike.

It wasn’t the most remarkable trip into the forest, as Nature seemed a little sleepy still. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure to tromp around with my little copilot, practicing new words, inspecting a some ‘mushies’, and sharing space with a few deer as the sun went down. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to do it again soon!

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