Mushroom Hunter

I’ve been slow to really get underway on the figure to complete my mushroom wonderland, but I’ve finally got enough painting done to show you a few WIP shots. The scene will feature a sweet old lady hunting for tasty mushrumps.

I’ve been more interested in peaceful, everyday, human scenes in my miniature painting for a while, which can be challenging to pursue, since the vast majority of figures are either fighting or looking as if they’re about to.

Still, there are ‘civilian’ minis to be had, and some are interesting and well sculpted. Hasslefree has a lot of great models full of character, and the civilian/villager lines offer some nice possibilities for storytelling.

This wise old granny fits perfectly in my mushroom scene. Some of the mushrooms I made are deadly poisonous, but she knows exactly which ones to take home for her mushroom soup!

I’m trying to make her look lively and excited at the same time that she’s pretty ancient and a little frail. The wrinkles are fun and a little challenging on a 28mm mini.

I also added some blue veins on her weathered hands.

Stay tuned as this project takes shape in the days ahead!

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