Week in the Woods (27 I 20)

This past weekend I visited my parents’ cabin (where I left this as a surprise) for a couple days of gaming and camaraderie with a pair of good friends. On Sunday morning, after one had left but before the other had rolled out of bed, I took a nice quiet walk around the lake.

I found plenty of beautiful and strange things in the cold misty morning. Read on to see what else I found.

There were lots of gaudy turkeytails and other shelf fungus to be found.

And a few other fungi to boot.

I didn’t find a great diversity of mushrooms, but other small wonders made up for that.

I found a nice patch of pixie cups, which I had never found before near the cabin. These were some plump lichens.

But not this plump! I like it when lichens go all lettucey. I’d love to know how long it took for these to grow all their kale-like convolutions.

The lichens and water staining on these beautiful sandstone boulders put me in mind of some abstract artwork. Good stuff.

Even the frozen lake itself provided these weird masses of dendrites. I’m not sure if they were very old ice fishing holes or something else, but they looked cool.

There were all sorts of funky things peeking out from beneath the blanket of Winter, like these algae-stained bones. There are many weeks of cold ahead, most of them probably far harsher than what we have experienced. Still, it was warm and wet and felt a bit like Spring.


As I walked where I have so often walked before, finding so much I have never seen or noticed, I could not help but think of Cassie. Though my gaming weekend was restorative and full of fun, I found myself sneaking frequent looks at photographs of my daughter. I can’t wait to introduce her to the places, activities, and people of my life. I am grateful I have so much to share.

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