Week in the Woods (19 I 20)

These photos were taken last week, so I backdated our Week accordingly. Cold has kept little Cassie & me grounded lately, which makes these memories a little sweeter.

On one of our favorite hikes we saw some amazing mushrooms and more. These fellows have… what?! Gills on the top? I sure don’t know. They look sort of geometric. Probably have to draw them, no?

These were some younger mushrooms growing on the same log. They’re all the same size, but soon they’ll no doubt fill the gaps and create a riotous colony like the one seen above.

We also found this beautiful chartreuse turkeytail. My mom had found a similarly colored one (with better wrinkles) a few days before, so our discovery felt fortuitous. He almost seemed to glow in the dull brown forest.

I think these are chicken of the woods, although it’s hard tell, given how over the hill they are. Interesting spherical mass of them, in any case.

We found some moss with amazingly long red fruit stalks. Show off!

This moss was playing host to a large number of happy little plants. Everyone seemed to be getting along…

… unlike these two moss colonies, who were fighting each other very slowly for control of a large log.

This merry mass of lichen caught my eye with its sprightly stalks.

This perfect little nest we found on the ground at the base of a tree. It was very well made.

Its builders had added this fantastic great big twig sticking off the side. I wish it hadn’t fallen, but I’m glad we got to find it.

There are many weeks of cold ahead of us, but Cassie & I are hoping to get out whenever we can, sharing our enthusiasm and curiosity in the wintry woods. I’ll post here whenever our excursions yield interesting discoveries and chilly wonders. Thanks for stopping by!

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