10Ball’s Nifty Rust Technique: a Quick Guide on Weathering Metals

ToadChapel’s friend and regular contributer Lee Hebblethwaite returns to introduce another fun and effective technique to spice up your mini painting. Though 10Ball is better known for his outstanding NMM, he also knows a thing or two about gorgeous true metallic metals. Read on to learn how Lee makes use of liquid mask to lend character to his corrosion!


This is a quick and easy method for creating battle damage and weathering when painting true metallics.

It works best on larger areas, so it will be great for vehicles.

These are the colors used for the rust on the sword blade of a firmir from the old Hero Quest game.

1. Paint the required under colors. In this case I used a mottled mix of reddish browns for a rust effect.

2. Let the underpainting dry for a few hours. Dip an old sponge in Liquid Mask, dab it on plastic to remove excess, then carefully dab onto the blade or whatever you’re weathering. Rotate the sponge as you work so not to get a uniform pattern.

The reason I recommend using plastic to remove excess is so you can visualize the idea of the pattern the sponge will make.

3. Let the Liquid Mask dry for no more than 10 minutes, then paint over the entire surface with metallics. Shade and paint up as required but don’t highlight yet.

4. Using Blu-Tack, carefully rub off the Liquid Mask, exposing the underlayer of rusty browns beneath. Take your time in removing the mask, as it’s a bit fiddly. You should get some good random weathering and scratching.

5. When all the Liquid Mask is removed, highlight and glaze as usual.

Hope this helps!

Lee Hebblethwaite  (10 ball)


Thanks, 10, for another clever technique to add to our bag of tricks. And that’s a great looking firmir… even if he does mix NMM & TMM! [GASP!]

Take a look through ToadChapel’s Tutorial section for other great articles by Lee and other artists.

4 thoughts on “10Ball’s Nifty Rust Technique: a Quick Guide on Weathering Metals”

  1. This is a fantastic guide that any 40k painter (and probably AOS) for that matter can benefit from. I don’t get on CMON anymore but I’m glad to see regulars from there contributing on the ToadChapel still. These guides are a really handy resource!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tutoriel simple et efficace. est ‘il possible d’avoir la liste des teintes car j’ai du mal à voir certaines. merci d’avance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure, glad you liked it. My wife helped me translate your question, so here’s the list:

      Citadel Bubonic Brown
      Citadel Deathclaw Brown
      Vallejo Black Red
      Jo Sonya Burnt Sienna
      and of course the Liquid Mask by Vallejo

      Hope this helps!


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