Worth the Wait

I’m very happy to have finished my most recent drawing, as it’s taken me about seven months to get it done!

I drafted the scene and did very basic lines back in June of last year, but abandoned the piece due to lack of motivation.

This is a much bigger drawing than most of my artwork, so I think I felt overwhelmed by the amount of detail to convey and the long process of coloring. I also shifted my creative energies around that time, concentrating more on mini painting than Nature illustration.

I’m glad I picked it back up, though, because it left an ugly void in my sketchbook and always stuck in my craw.

I was a bit creatively stuck a few days ago, so I started laying in some textures on this relic of 2019 as I considered what to tackle next. I started getting into it, bought three new Copics to help with the mushrooms, and finished it over several days of happy drawing.

There’s not a single element I’m entirely satisfied with, but my eye really likes the image as a whole. The hours of drawing left me eager to practice these shapes & textures again, and best of all I had a really enjoyable experience bringing this project to a satisfying conclusion.

Let me know what you think in the Comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Worth the Wait”

  1. Is this drawing a bit bigger than your other ones? To my eyes, it looks like it is and I used to do some drawings that were about double the size of a regular sheet of paper and I remember those really taking some time to complete even in a cartooning style which is I would think faster to draw. I really admire the variety of textures in this drawing. Between that and the colors, there are many different visually interesting aspects coming together on this piece. I think it is one of your best pieces yet.

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    1. Yes, Kuribo, this one is larger than the others in this ‘series’. By series I mean those drawings in the same book using the same materials. It’s still only on 8×10” paper. I seem to like small everything!
      I agree it’s among my most successful drawings. As I said above, the whole exceeds the sum of its parts, in my opinion. Thanks for the kind words!

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