Is That an Ent?

I found a wonderfully rumpled birch tree last week which I knew would be fun to draw. It had nice rolled bark, a mix of textures, and… a face!

I like the contrasting vertical and horizontal lines in this drawing, along with the tattered sheets of bark sort of exploding out at you. I kept it pretty clean in order to preserve that effect, forgoing some of the gnarly bits found on the tree itself.

As I pushed farther into this illustration I found myself trying not to give expression to this happy, and a little bit creepy, ent.

Then, after a while, I just said ‘who cares’. Nature had already played the same joke!

Maybe I’ll try him again with some color. There are lots of pretty reds and greens hiding in there. I’m pleased with how he turned out with just pen, though. I hope you like him, too!

2 thoughts on “Is That an Ent?”

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