Family Fungus

Fluorescent fungus

Here’s a great funky fungus that both my mother & I drew recently. Read on to see how our drawings turned out.

My mom is as fond of hiking as Cassie & I, and as eager to discover cool stuff in the woods. She has been taking interesting photographs of inconspicuous things far longer than I have. She usually gets out on the trails around our family cabin (which I plan to visit next week). A few days ago she took a beautiful picture of a turkeytail that was actually chartreuse. I’m not sure exactly what causes these colorations, but they can be spectacular.

Mom’s mushroom

Mom crushed it, as you can see. It’s a wonderful gift for a member of her knitting circle. I love all the subtle variations in tone & texture. She has a knack for combining a variety of media into her own style. Here Mom’s used pen, colored pencil, Copics, and watercolor. As she worked, we exchanged ideas about her drawing and I began to feel tempted to have a crack at this mushroom myself. I gave some thought to how I could approach the subject differently.

Kinda dull…

I worked up a fairly dense pen drawing, then decided to leave out the color entirely. It seemed an odd decision, given that the real mushroom was so marvelously brilliant. But I enjoyed the challenge of trying to put across the subtle striations without the benefit of color. As I found my way into the drawing, I really began to enjoy the shape of the mushroom for its own sake.

I had a great time on this collegial illustration exercise. My mom’s version inspired me, and I enjoyed looking at hers even more after I had investigated the object with my pens. It was fun to look at how she handled certain elements which I only discovered as I drew. I’m certain this won’t be the last time we help & inspire each other in this way.

Let us know what you think of these drawings!

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