I had such fun with my pens & markers yesterday that I pulled them out again today while Cassie baby napped. She gave me just long enough to bang out a complete drawing.

These are drawn from a couple of beautiful skunk cabbages my mom photographed last March.

And here are the originals. They just thrust their motley whorls out of the icy mud and offer a burst of color in an otherwise dreary setting. My mom often finds skunk cabbages near our cabin and appreciates best the ones that “don’t know it’s Winter.” Actually, skunk cabbages can generate their own heat and melt their way throw snow cover!

I could have handled aspects of the drawing more effectively, but I like how it came out for a few hours enjoyably spent. If nothing else, it gives me some ideas on how I might approach the subject next time!

I’d love to hear your feedback or thoughts if these swampy lovelies have something to say to you.

3 thoughts on “Skunkworks”

  1. I’ve never seen this plant before but it is quite striking. I really love the way you use cross hatches in your drawings. That is a skill I wish I would have learned when I drew more regularly. Being able to draw and paint minis seems to go hand-in-hand!

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    1. Thanks! As far as my hatching goes, I continue to try different approaches. In this drawing I sort of rotated them around the mass of the cabbages. I like how it looks, but I could be neater and more subtle next time. There’s always something to learn from the process, whether the muse comes readily or has to be summoned with great effort!
      The skunk cabbage is beautiful and unique, to be sure. And yes, it is stinky! They used to grow next to the campsite my family visited each Summer when I was young. It does a weird thing with its roots where it sort of yanks itself deeper into the earth each year. A fascinating plant!

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