Week in the Woods (5 I 20)

The weather was either cold or rainy much of the week, but my little explorer & I did make it out into the woods for a few hours of exploring.

The forest was looking a little beat up by the stuttering fits of Winter, but that doesn’t mean it lacked a measure of ragged glory.

Some old mushrooms had captured vibrant and beautiful colors in their demise.

While others continued to thrive.

These fascinating and mysterious fungi were popping up amidst the moss on a downed log. Often we’ll hike for an hour or two and find just one small area where a particular species is isolated. Such was the case with these funny guys. I’ve got my fellow Nature investigator (Mom) on the case, but so far we haven’t been able to identify them. Please help me if you can!

The pixie cup lichens I found a few weeks ago had seemed to fit into the category of narrowly isolated loners, but I did, after much looking, find an even tinier patch of them growing a good distance from the first bunch.

I’m back to work tomorrow, so my time for hiking, creating, and general off-goofery will be sadly diminished in the weeks ahead. I am happy to say, though, that I have made good enough use of my time that I don’t wish I had spent it differently.

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