Last One to Arrive

Ok, I’ve added a ninth and final figure to my Roman tavern/street diorama. There is pretty much no more space to add another mini, at least not in a way that would supplement the scene rather than detract from it.

This fellow is peering around the main character’s shoulder, lending emphasis to that figure’s gaze & shout. I’m not sure if he’s a patron of the bar, the landlord, or what, but I knew he belonged back in there. He’s a well fed guy, so I gave him a nice palla to wear to further emphasize his affluence.

Here is the scene from a few different focal points:

I now need to add just a few more scenic & narrative details, then finish the plinth & construction elements. I’m already feeling a bit lost, as this project ended up taking a lot more time and energy than I had anticipated. It was extremely fun throughout, or I would have called it quits far earlier. I think the fact that I didn’t get bogged down in blending or detailed textures or anything like that helped the whole thing feel brisk & productive. I definitely want to do this sort of project again.

Keep an eye out for another ancient Roman diorama in the future, as I have put in an order for some new miniatures. The brand, Footsore Miniatures, was recommended by Kuribo, a faithful friend of ToadChapel.

One thought on “Last One to Arrive”

  1. I look forward to seeing this project finished! The one thing I love about this diorama is how lively it is. I always envision dioramas being packed full of detail and life and this one has nailed that part of the medium.

    I am also really curious to see what your next Roman diorama looks like. I’m still gathering ideas for what kind of Roman diorama I’m going to tackle in 2020 so any ideas or inspiration I can get would be helpful 🙂

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