Another Shopper in Rome

I’ve successfully added to my diorama again, this time adding a lower class woman out shopping for food. I needed another, more typical Roman woman to complement the senator’s ostentatious wife, so this one is wearing a simple undied wool tunic while she visits the market.

She’s removing her hood to see what all the fuss is about behind her. In her basket she carries a small loaf of bread, a sausage, and an apple. I’m planning to add another item, maybe a pomegranate or a quince, which has fallen onto the street.

The mini was sculpted with a fantasy-approved low neckline, which I remedied with some Milliput. Though these minis are not super detailed and are pretty wonky in places, they do tend to be fairly accurate representations of Roman (and in one case Greek) attire. This was one instance where that wasn’t the case!

Here’s the current state of the scene. It includes eight miniatures, plus a cat and a lizard!

It’s a tight fit! From here you can see the wine spilled from the shattered cup in front of the shop. I’m still not sure exactly what happened in there, though I have a couple of stories kicking around. Not that it matters, you’re free to decipher the scene and decide for yourself.

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