Chicken Little er… Little Chickens

Sorry for the dad jokes. If the shoe fits!

Here’s today’s mini added to the Roman diorama. This figure is a slave cook carrying two chickens from the market. Unlike the other figures, who are engaged in one way or another with the hubbub in front of the popina, this fellow is going about his business as planned.

I knew the scene wouldn’t be complete without a slave, a member of an often forgotten class of essential workers who enabled the vast Roman society & economy to function. We must keep in mind the institution of slavery whenever we are tempted to glorify Roman ‘greatness’. While a fundamentally different practice than modern slavery, servitudo was nevertheless a vicious and dehumanizing state of affairs.

I’m happy with how I fit this model in. He had to follow a path taking him behind the Greek traveler and in front of the shouting barkeeper. I can imagine him winding his way through the little crowd, unconcerned with whatever kerfluffle has sprung up on the busy street. From a straight-on view, he’s moving away from all the action and seen sideways. I thought that positioning him this way opened up the imaginative environment and made the scene feel more real.

There is at least one more mini to be added before I wrap this diorama up. At this point I know I’ll miss it when it’s finished!

One thought on “Chicken Little er… Little Chickens”

  1. If the post a couple of days ago was inspiring me, this is doing it even more so! The slave is an excellent addition and I think your students will appreciate how you’ve modeled all different kinds of social classes in this diorama. It is full of life, just like Rome was!


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