Power Couple

I’ve continued adding to my Roman diorama and lent some sophistication to the street with the inclusion of a senator and his elegant wife.

Trouble at the taberna

I’ve been painting the figures as fast as I can, aiming to get them done in an hour or less apiece. I’m after a strong expression, which I feel I’ve achieved despite poor quality sculpts. I’m making good use of the ink technique described here to liven up their faces. By concentrating on the relationships between the characters and what you cannot see (who is that fellow yelling at and why?) I’m hoping to suggest a human story with this diorama.

Below are some WIP shots.

“Don’t mind if I do…”
“Hey, get back here!”
“Really, dear, these people are almost savages!”

6 thoughts on “Power Couple”

  1. This is fantastic and very inspirational, my friend! I’d love to paint something 28mm Roman from time-to-time and you’ve got me thinking about planning out a project like that for 2020.

    The faces are fantastic and I need to try glazing some more red as I’m looking for ways to improve my face painting skills.

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    1. So nice to read your comment, Kuribo! It’s really gratifying to know my effort has inspired you. I’ve had a wonderful time on this one and can see more diorama-style work in my future.
      These figures are mostly/all from Wargames Foundry. Unfortunately, I seem to have found & purchased most of the 28mm Roman civilians available, so I’m not sure how many more projects like this I can create. I still have some more, though, so perhaps there will be a sequel!

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      1. You’re very skilled at this kind of thing! The storefront and road look fantastic. I would need to figure out the “basic” tasks like that if I were to ever follow in your footsteps.

        I would recommend giving this site a look: https://footsoreminiatures.co.uk/. Gangs of Rome is a game I’d love to play if I had the time and room to create the terrain needed for it. I hope the sculpts here might inspire another project or two 🙂

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          1. Also, Kuribo, let me know which modeling elements you’d like me to write up and I’ll put them on the tutorial list. I thought I had something for you already (it’s called ‘Garden of Contemplation’ And can be found in the Tutorials section on ToadChapel), but I see that it’s missing the actual modelling techniques and really only covers the painting. You could definitely apply this sort of terrain building to your massive scenarios in Middle Earth!

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  2. Really glad the recommendation helps! I think discussing how you put together the road would be really helpful. Your cobblestone is painted extremely well but also, it looks “well-sculpted” too. At some point in 2020, I’ll be building some Hobbit holes and being able to make cobblestone well would be a great skill to have.

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