Tiny Tavern

Here are the beginnings of a little tavern or popina somewhere in the Roman Empire.

A small diorama model of an ancient Roman tavern. The scene is in 28mm scale.

The tile inside the shop, the plaster wall facing the street, and the sidewalk and cobblestone roadway are carved & textured out of styrofoam. The roof is layered corrugated paper. There’s a little wood & plastic card for structure. Everything is held in place with wood glue and super glue. The building surface is 4″x4″. Everything is to 28mm scale.

I’m trying to use easily accessible materials and straightforward techniques because this will serve as an example for my students in 8th grade Latin class. I assign them an ancient Roman building to research and recreate as a project. I’d like to show them some basic modeling tricks that they could apply in their own builds.

I’m not sure whether I’ll eventually include figures in this scene. I’d like to, but the ancient Roman figures I have are attached to ugly molded bases and won’t easily come off. And if I do get them off, they’ll be next to impossible to pin, which they’d need to be. So… I’m thinking how I can do it, but I’m not confident. Anyway, we’ll see where the modeling takes me.

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