Walk in the Woods

I meant to combine these pictures with some others, but the bitter cold has kept Cassie & me grounded for most of the last two weeks. Still, we found some cool stuff in the woods last week and I thought I’d share some of it with you.

A beautiful but invasive species of mushroom found in my area.

I think this toothy beauty is Radulodon copelandii, an Asian invasive that is spreading across the Northeast & Midwest.

More of the Asian tooth mushroomOr is it a crust mushroom?

It’s a rad looking fungus, but if my identification is correct, it could be choking out native species.

End of the life cycle for these orange slime molds.Even in there exhausted condition, these slime molds retain their beautiful color.

I also found these cool… somethings growing on a fallen oak. I believe these are the remains of a slime mold after sporulation. In the top photo are some that have not erupted. If I can confirm or correct my guess, I’ll update the post. In any event, these were a weird and colorful find on our hike.

Despite the cold, I managed to find a few nice mushrooms here and there, including these little fellows hiding in the dark of a cut log.

I keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get some more days warm enough for a hike in 2019 and stay thankful for all the wonderful adventures we’ve had.

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