Once More in the Woods

Weather, lack of daylight, and life have severely limited the time my daughter & I have been in the forest lately, but we did get a bit of hiking in over the last week or so. Pennsylvania is stuck in a drab pre-Winter period, but it’s still a joy to hike through the ever-changing woods with Cassie.

Nature still shows a mossy splash of color on a late Fall hike in the forest.

The moss was the brightest thing in the woods, standing out brilliantly against the greys and browns of sky and earth.

Near my hometown you can find big hunks of quartzite littering the forest floor. This bright white rock was covered with some nice moss and I thought it looked cool. My daughter and I found it on an early morning hike after spending the night in my parents’ cabin. Cassie has a blast exploring and watching the cheery fire crackle on the hearth.

The piney woods were so quiet, perfect for singing!

We did find a few nice mushrooms, including the lovely periwinkle jelly fungus at top. First time I saw some like that.

These three juvenile deer jumped up almost at our feet. They were so close that both Cassie & I shouted in surprise! We watched them for a while as the sun was setting, then hurried to the car to head home for dinner.

It’s been fun to be cooped up inside lately, and my creative energies have been flowing well. Still, it’s so restorative to explore a big, vibrant, living space and share the experience with a person for whom all of it is wonderful that I quickly miss it when I am kept out of the woods. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to supply weekly reports of our foresty excursions for a few months, but I’ll offer a post or two as I’m able.

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