Weird Document Discovered in Desk of Miskatonic Professor

Following his disappearance in the Summer/Fall of 1939, a strange document was discovered in the desk of Dr. Hans Peter Alter of Miskatonic University’s Biology Dept. It was a simple anatomical diagram of the kind one would expect among the professional effects of a renowned man of science. Clearly related to subject 20.XI.19, the document stands out for two particular reasons.

1) The diagram seems to depict the internal structure of 20.XI.19 as determined through orderly and conventional dissection methods. As is well known, Alter and his team claimed to be studying organisms and entities inhabiting realms of such unfathomable minuteness that the possibility of dissection on that scale beggars belief. Even granting the (dubious) authenticity of Alter’s sub-nanoscopic observations, one can hardly suppose that he was able to employ tools capable of interacting with matter -if that is the correct term- so finely attenuated.

2) The notes accompanying the diagram are written entirely in a kind of code, cypher, or other as yet unknown system of documentation. Whether the system be pictorial, alphabetic, syllabic, or otherwise is entirely unknown, as is the language in which the document is written. The symbols themselves closely resemble many of those found in Alter’s plate for HP 1939.

What is perhaps most perplexing about the presence of the ‘enigmatical’ symbolic language on this document is the fact that in all other respects the diagram is an unremarkable item of the sort filling scientific desk drawers and filing cabinets the world over. If Alter managed to employ the actual language and writing system associated with HP 1939, and was not merely adopting various of its symbols into a kind of private shorthand, then this scrap of paper represents the first example of trans-species linguistic exchange in all of history.

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