Though many of the strange lifeforms revealed by Dr. Alter and his team in those feverish months of research pose no threat to macroscopic organisms, an alarming number can harm us in ways we are presently powerless to combat.

A monster straight from horror, or from Dune, approaches a floating globule with threefold jaws spread wide.

The ‘worm’, as it is often called, swims within the bloodstream of mammals, burrowing into red blood cells, where it hunts hemoglobin. The semi-rigid segments nearest the mouth each sport three spines, which serve as a kind of lateral line to detect aetheric disturbances created by organic molecules. When shai-hulud grows too numerous within its host, that individual may suffer shortness of breath, weakness, and an unhealthy pallor.

2 thoughts on “Shai-Hulud”

    1. I’m sure having fun creating them, from the idea phase to the various stages of illustration. I would love to create a little book out of them and have been thinking along those lines. I’m totally ignorant on the process, though! Point me in the right direction if you know anything about it.
      I’m using Strathmore Toned Tan sketch paper. It is definitely very fibrous. It’s actually my first time using toned paper and I’m really enjoying what can be done with a white gel pen.
      Thanks for the support!


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