Here is the psychophage. It feeds upon the humors, particularly yellow & black bile. Anger and melancholy are to be avoided in order to reduce the risk of infection. The psychophage is so named because physicians at one point believed that the organism somehow ingested these emotions. This is superstitious twaddle and unworthy of scientific consideration.

This microscopic monster almost resembles a Venus fly trap.
The psychophage has teeth which serve the functions of spines, as well as aid in feeding.

I wasn’t sure I was going to keep my little streak of illustrations alive, but I finished without staying up too late. The pointillism on the digestive membrane took a long time. I didn’t want to rush the drawing, and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m happy with this one!

This monstrous microbe is dedicated to my father-in-law Gary, who first introduced me to carnivorous plant husbandry (which I’m more enthusiastic for than capable at).

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