Lovecraft-Inspired Microbes Everywhere!

I’ve been having fun drawing these little portraits of imaginary microfauna, so here comes another one. These are quick, fun little illustrations I can crank out in a couple of hours. It would be cool to do enough that I have a sort of handmade bestiary of tiny monsters.

An illustration of a germ inspired by Lovecraft's Yog Sothoth.
These spheroids can pop into existence, seemingly from nowhere.

This one has a pretty obvious Yog Sothoth vibe. He’s cute, but that’s some serious stuff. Don’t want to catch it. Or rather… don’t want it to catch you!

If you’d like to see some WIP shots, I’ve included a few below. Plus a small goodie.

Just drawing some circles and providing some uniform shading. It’s all very quick rendering done while my daughter naps, so it looks a little wonky in places. If I have a style, that’s probably it: wonky in places.

Tiny reflected highlights. Now, given that the idea here is microscopic Lovecraftian beasties, the highlights (and shadows) are obviously absurd. But either 1) it’s just for fun and who cares or 2) the laws of time & space are warped around these eldritch microbes.

Colored pencils for, uh, color. I’ve been using them a lot lately and really like the look they give.


I shifted the background on yesterday’s snot monster over toward purple a little. It was too orange and didn’t look weird enough. It’s still not perfect, but hey.

Now, I will apologize for the bad pictures. The illustration above is rectangular, but it’s all wapperjawed in the image because I just held it up and shot it with a phone camera. Sorry for the shadow, too. I take no pride in my poor photography!

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