Week in the Woods (28X19)

It was a bit of a slow week in woods for Cassie & me, as rain and a busy schedule kept us grounded more than we would have liked. Still, we got a few good hikes in the cool Autumn air.

Colorful mushrooms discovered on a hike with my daughter.

We didn’t see anything as unusual as last week, but stumbled upon a few sprigs of beauty nonetheless.

The turkey tails above and below displayed brilliant colors in their age.

I’m not sure if these are actually dead or home to some algae or what, but they’re beautiful.

Fall colors continued to define our hikes, though Western Pennsylvania has still not seen the peak of the season.

We found some very dramatic polypores. The turkey tails on this trail liked to grow small and densely packed. We found a few stumps completely wrapped like this in mushrooms.


A few friendly fungi we met.

And a beautiful little micro-environment with a host of species vying for space on a log.

Cassie & I watched a buck and a spike battling it out in Allegheny Cemetery. The does they were trying to impress were picking their way through the trees on the hill above these two.

My little partner & I had another great week in the outdoors together. Daylight Savings Time will be ending this weekend, so our opportunities to explore the trails will drop significantly in the days ahead. For the meantime we’ll get out while we still can.

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