Fall Harvest

It’s always fun to pick up little gribblies from the ground when you’re out for a hike in the woods, or even just a nice walk in the neighborhood. These objects can be used for art studies, sit-arounds, and whatever you can think up. Seeking them forces you to become more engaged with your environment, and more curious. Whenever I find something I can’t identify, I always want to know what it is. And I always want to know more about the things I’m already familiar with. I usually want to draw things, or study them for one of my scenic vignettes, but the search and the study it encourages stand as rewards in their own right.

Beautiful Fall treasures collected on a walk with my daughter.

Autumn in Pittsburgh is arriving by degrees. Many maple trees have ignited in brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows, but most of the trees are only displaying their first blush of Fall color.

It’s hard not to pick up every beautiful leaf beneath the maples, especially as the foliage season is so very short.

A drawing done with black micron pen of a maple leaf that had fallen as Autumn arrives in Pittsburgh.

I selected a fairly nondescript maple leaf on my way to school yesterday and turned it into a pen drawing. I’ve said before that I enjoy the challenge of working in pen, and this was a good chance to work within the limitations of a ‘binary’ medium, one in which you’ve either got a black mark or you haven’t. Leaves have such wonderful and intricate texture, and I wanted to suggest that without overwhelming the simple volumes of the leaf and its segments.

I’m happy with how it came out, and with what I learned in the process, and I’m looking forward to producing some color images as I try to capture the spectacular show that the forest promises over the next few weeks.

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