Week in the Woods (14 X 19)

It was a tough one out there this week. The leaves haven’t turned yet, but Summer’s standouts are long gone. Mushrooms are scarce, as we’ve had little rain. We didn’t entirely strike out, though!

Strange pink mushrooms found on a hike with my daughter.

I found these odd beauties on a pine log. It looked like someone had wadded their bubble gum on the moss!

Young chicken of the woods mushrooms growing on an oak stump.

Lovely young chickens might make a meal in a few days.

A beautiful hen of the woods, also known as sheep's head or maitake mushroom.This mushroom is in perfect condition.

And this gorgeous hen I left as well, hoping to let it grow for a day or two. It’s a calculated risk, as I might lose it to insects or another mushroom hunter, but it was just a little shy of my bringing it home.

What I believe is a bolete mushroom. I don't know for sure.

This stately fellow retained some of his brilliance. I wish I knew what this one is.

Beautiful red berries of a jack in the pulpit plant found in the woods near Pittsburgh.

Speaking of holding on, this jack in the pulpit retained his brilliant cluster of berries even as his leaves yellowed.

A strange mushroom with an exaggerated long stalk.Heavily weathered woodgrain on a log in the forest.Small bracket fungus peeks from between the plates of bark on fallen timber in the woods.A pretty orange mushroom springs from a twig.

But Autumn was definitely asserting itself and the woods were looking more modest. For the moment. In a week or two the Fall foliage, which is stunning in my part of the country, will turn the forest into a riot of color. Stay tuned as I try to capture some part of that remarkable transformation.

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