Another Base without a Face

I’ve found time here and there to complete another little vignette. This one features a dead tree, which I haven’t done in a while.  As usual, this one is a kind of lesson to be applied in basing minis, as well as a little imaginative refuge in its own right.

A detaile base featuring a forest scene without a miniature.

The base is 1.5″ square. I like the challenge of telling a story or creating a scene dense in interesting details on a very small scale.

A shot of the tiny diorama featuring grass, moss, rocks, and mushrooms.

I tied together some of my favorite techniques and some that I’ve been working to refine, including a lot of moss, dense leaf litter, some colorful lichen, and…

Another view of the base showing leaves punched with Green Stuff World punches.

… mushrooms, of course. Look closely. There are four little boletes on there.

I also tried out a new technique for grass. This I picked up from Matt DiPietro.

An overhead view of the terrain showing how tightly packed the various elements are.

As I said, the challenge and the fun is packing a enough information into the scene that it feels like a real place.

I’m still testing out my approach on a lot of these ideas, hopefully getting closer to an adequate visual language to communicate the ideas I have in my head. Let me know what you think of these tiny scenes!

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