Feeling Foresty

Whenever possible I’ve been stealing moments to further this project, another little woodland scene.

This one has a dead tree on it, and I’ll be adding mushrooms, grass, and whatever else I can think of. These are a few bolete-style mushrooms ready for painting.

You can see here some of the Green Stuff parts I use to assemble (most of) my mushrooms. Perhaps I’ll put together a tutorial to demonstrate a few different kinds.

My leaf punches from Green Stuff World came in. I’m impressed with the results. You can see the leaf litter I created in the background.

These tiny scenes have led to a lot of useful insight. Hopefully my bases will show the benefits of my efforts. More importantly, they’re quick, fun, and lovely little projects that I always enjoy making.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Foresty”

  1. I wouldn’t mind a mushroom tutorial as I’ve bought resin shrooms in the past and wonder now if sculpting them would be a reasonably fast and cheaper alternative. It is good to hear that the leaf punches work well too. I’ve thought about getting one but can’t wrap my mind around using actual herbs which will decompose over time on a base. One of these days I’ll get over that irrational reservation and give them a shot!

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    1. I definitely hear you about the use of real leaves. I guess when you dry them they do stay intact though, so perhaps it’ll work. I’ve got them suspended in gel medium, so hopefully that will help preserve them, too.
      Thanks for stopping by, as always!

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