Who Arted in Here?

I’ve been drawing a few of my latest fungal finds recently, just quick illustrations trying to capture the quirk & beauty of some of the things I’ve discovered in the woods.

Pen drawing of a mushroom found while hiking.

This little russula (I think) I’ve drawn before, but he’s just so adorable. I splurged on a couple of new Copic markers and I was eager to try them out.

More artwork fearing the same mushroom.

Here’s a quick sketch of the same fellow I drew at work. You can find the actual mushroom a few entries back in Week in the Woods.

Pen illustration of a mushroom.

This weird mushroom I found just last week. Those little nubbins seemed almost metallic.

Illustration of a mushroom.

Photograph of the mushroom from which the previous artwork was drawn.We stumbled onto a stand of these dandies at McConnell’s Mill State Park on Monday.

I think it’s easy to forget just how dramatic and exaggerated the morphology of these amazing organisms can be. They make for great illustration material and I never tire of drawing them. I hope you enjoy looking at them, too!

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