Week in the Woods (22 IX 19)

It was a great week for hiking here in Pittsburgh, with temperatures in the seventies and blue skies overhead.

Of course, no rain means fewer mushrooms, so Cassie & I had to satisfy ourselves with other foresty finds.

We found a cool bright yellow feather. My mom says she thinks it’s a flicker.

I think we have a blue jay and some kind of woodpecker here.

Lots of ripening berries.

Wait, those aren’t berries! Super gross, but sort of lovely. Sort of.

There were reminders of Summer’s end everywhere.

A few weeks ago and those Indian pipes were shooting up everywhere.

I found a ruined building out in the woods.

Cassie & I treed a pair of raccoons and spent a long time watching them. And they watched us right back.

I didn’t say there were no mushrooms, did I?

This beautiful little fellow seemed very happy on the forest floor.

There was, as always, plenty to keep my daughter and me happy in the woods this week. While there’s enough light in the evenings, I plan to maintain our routine of daily hikes. It’s a great way for me to transition out of work and focus my thoughts and emotions on my family, my daughter, and myself.

There really isn’t any room for anxiety in my mind when I’m looking for little treasures to photograph and show to my tiny companion. We keep up a brisk conversation in babble and I can practice saying to her all the things I’ll one day want to repeat.

But for all the spiritual utility of getting out, mostly it’s just a special time each day that allows me to share my love of Nature & funny little things with my daughter.

I’ll see you next week with more pictures of pine cones or something.

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