Lichen It: Another Forest Vignette

I finished off in just a few days another little test scene. I enjoy creating these little vignettes for their own sake, and I can practice techniques or experiment with ideas I might draw upon when I’m basing a mini in the future.

A forest scene that could serve as the base for a miniature.

For this little forest scene I focused upon an idea I had for creating lichen and continued messing around with leaf litter.

An overhead shot of the base that shows how densely the scenic elements are packed.

I built the rocky hillside on a 1.5″ cube. As usual, I packed a lot of information into that right space.

A side view across the hillside.

I’m still waiting on some leaf punches from Green Stuff World, which should hopefully help a lot with creating effective duff. I’d like to dial in some techniques for recreating the forest floor I find around where I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and I’ve been collecting leaves to use once I have the punches.

The lichens stand out on this side, which seems to catch more of the light.

The lichens turned out decent, but I think I’ll add more texture next time, and concentrate on bunching the individual patches together. As it is, I think they look a little like blue-green spots. I also let the rocks get a little too dark, which boosted the contrast with the lichens in a way that I don’t really like.

A dense leaf litter lines the forest floor on the base.

Bonus points if you can find the mushrooms in all the pictures in this post!

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