Mushroom Preserve

I think I’m going to call this little scene finished.

I experimented with my mushroom building process (that was useful), I tried adding some leaf litter (useful trial, but I’m going to keep working on it), and I failed, in my judgement, with the larger plants. I’ll keep working on that one.

I was happy with how the mushrooms turned out. I feel I can get pretty tiny caps or thin stalks and they’ll still hold up pretty well.

I was planning to just cover this piece in mushrooms, but I think I’ll move on instead.

It’s still a pretty dense scene, as most of mine are.


On an unrelated but awesome note, my buddy Sik Willy mailed me the remainder of my prizes from NOVA. Sik took a gold medal himself and best in category for his diorama in the Journeyman division. Check it out in his gallery, which I’ve linked above.

I got a nice crystal ugh… thing. Heavy & neato.

And a sweet airbrush. Extremely nice prize, but maybe not one I need.

Thanks, Will, for sending the loot and making my day. Man, NOVA seems like an eternity ago! But next year will be here before I know it!

One thought on “Mushroom Preserve”

  1. The base looks great! Nice variety in the shape and colors on the leaves. I’ve never been able to figure out how to make leaves look 3D enough to my liking but I think your base has great texture and the leaves aren’t too flat looking.

    I’d say that reward is well-deserved! I’d hang onto that airbrush too as I have gone through two airbrushes and need to buy a third one of these days so I’d say you never know when you might need a new one 🙂

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