Forest Scene

I’ve been making a little scene to practice some scenic elements and attempt to replicate some of the cool stuff my little buddy & I have been finding in the woods lately.  I could easily add a figure here, but I don’t plan to.  These scenic vignettes are intended as quiet little places to retire to when you can’t get away from your desk.

A forest scene that could be used as a base for a mini, but won't be!

I have built these little Nature scenes before and always given them away as gifts. I want one for my desk at school, but I also have a recipient in mind. I’ll probably give it away.

I started by contouring & texturing the ground.

Milliput, dirt, and a root provide the structure to the scenic vignette.

I use Milliput to lay down some volumes. Lately I’ve been interested in spaces that slope down toward the middle of the scene. That’s what I did with ‘Far from Home’, my little hobbit.

Then I use dirt to cover everything. Bit of root to serve as a little log.

Cheap craft paints are fine to paint up the dirt and rocks on this base.

Cheap craft paint does the job for basic coloring.

Secret Weapon and Quickshade add a lot of character to the scene.

And a wash or two starts to add some life in the scene.

Moss, grass, and larger plants add a lot of interest to the scene.

Built up some vegetation with moss, grass, and some laser cut plants. I’m not sure I like the plants, but I think I’ll leave them anyway. It is an experiment, after all.

Tight construction packs a lot of information into a small scene.

And still plenty of room for little nubbins.

One thought on “Forest Scene”

  1. It is a great gift to give someone and I think creating these bases is great practice for the real thing. I’d be willing to bet that I’d be better at basing if I practiced this in the way that you have been doing.

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