Week in the Woods (8 IX 19)

I swear this isn’t a Nature blog. It isn’t only a Nature blog, anyway! What can I say? I draw a lot of comfort and inspiration from the natural world, which carries over into my mini painting, my other artwork, my values, and (hopefully) my actions.

My daughter & I were out hiking several times this week. To see what we found, read on.

These enormous brackets had so much personality. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves perched on their tree.

This weirdly weathered trunk was a costly shot. I twisted my ankle getting back in the woods to photograph it. We fell, but we’re both fine.

Orange fingers poking out from beneath a log.

Tiny treasure!

What does it mean? Only the bugs that made it know for sure.

Autumn is coming fast.

Pennsylvania mushrooms evoking the beautiful rocks of the American Southwest. To me, at least!

Mushrooms are a perennial favorite. I find them completely fascinating. Though mysterious and elusive, they’re everywhere if you look for them. And all compelling.

From the battered and rumpled.

To the brilliantly magnificent.

But always there is more to discover.

The forest is always full of beautiful, weird, and inspiring sights. The balance of colors & tones, the play of light, the richness of texture, the combinations of shape. It is always fantastical, and you never know what lies around the bend.

My daughter & I love being in the woods, where we can search for these often fleeting visual moments at our own pace. Since she’s one and I find myself quite at home in that headspace, we can watch chipmunks and butterflies as long as needed.

Yesterday we saw a magnificent red tailed hawk on the forest floor. Never saw that before. He made quite a crash as he came down. He let us get about fifteen yards away before he took wing and left us.

Today, as usual, we met a friendly toad. I always feel better when they’re around.

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