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With NOVA’s Capital Palette on the horizon, it’s time I got a base under Yarry. I had originally intended to put that mini on a round base, but I think I’ve come up with another solution that will work well.

a handmade display for the recently completed Yarry Lightfeet miniature from Enigma.

This is a 1.5″ cube, on which I’ve sculpted a rock wall and contoured the earth a bit using Milliput.

The same base from another angle. It is exposed Milliput and dirt at this stage.

I think this will actually be the ‘front’ edge, though I’ll check that as things progress.

The wall is thinly stratified like shale, of which we have a lot near here.

The area where Yarry will stand is fairly ‘deep’ in the base, which I’m hoping will create a neat effect & perspective when everything’s finished.

I’ll get this primed and start the painting as soon as the glue’s dried. Stay tuned to watch it evolve.

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