Put on My Walking Cloak (I Don’t Wear Shoes)

I’ve made more progress on this fellow. He’s looking like he’ll be done in time for NOVA. Fingers crossed!

I’ve stippled in his vest.

I don’t make super smooth transitions between colors when I stipple like this, as the distinct blobs of the lighter colors mimic the shimmer of a velvety nap.

I also painted a battered cloak that looks as if it’s seen some hard times. I often use dramatically different textures to represent different fabrics and materials.

I like the contrast between the dapper yellow vest and the no-nonsense cloak around his shoulders. This character seems to me confident and competent, which means both that he enjoys the rewards of his adventuring, and that he’s prepared for the dangers that adventure brings.

Maybe this is his lucky cloak from an earlier escapade.

Let me know what you think!

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