Disaster Strikes!

The squad of marines, fearless heroes all, moved among the crumbling walls and dilapidated mausolea of the hive cemetery. The only sounds were whispered battle chatter across the vox lines and the clank of boots on the metal pathways of what had once been a thriving Imperial city.

According to reports, strange warp activity had been detected in this area.  Chaos?  They were taking no chances.

Then, as if from nowhere, the enemy were among them, swinging cruel blades and discharging blasts of freezing flame.  As the Astartes fanned out to create a defensive net, the blur of dark and horrible shapes engulfed them.

It’s time for another Kill Team battle report. Past time! Sorry for the wait.


But imagine how I feel. I preordered Elites, and didn’t play a game with the new rules until tonight!

You can imagine how excited I was to get some of the new units I’d painted on the board, bold Space Marines as yet unblooded on field of battle…

Eager for a game, Will & I squared off with a couple of 125 point forces. I, of course, brought my Eremoi Dark Angels, including three new models, while Will fielded an updated list of Drukhari he’s working on that focuses around Kabalite Warriors and Mandrakes. I commanded seven models to Will’s twelve.

My list included:

  • Tactical Sergeant (Leader), bolter, auspex
  • Company Veteran (Sniper), combi-plasma, plasma pistol
  • Intercessor Gunner (Comms), bolt rifle, auxilliary grenade launcher
  • Reiver Sergeant (Veteran), bolt carbine, combat knife, grapnel launcher
  • Company Veteran, combi-flamer, grav pistol
  • Intercessor Sergeant, auto bolt rifle, power sword
  • Scout Gunner, missile launcher & camo cloak

We were playing ‘Shifting Priorities’ from the Elites book.  In this scenario players fight over four one-point objectives, which can disappear from the board and reappear elsewhere.  While perhaps not well suited to ultra competitive play, we found the mission fun and interesting.

Tea always helps my strategic thinking, and I drink a lot of it when I’m making war.

My Astartes jumped out on some objectives early, looking brave and Christmas-y. Little did they know those degenerate Eldar were closing in!

A pair of Kabalites and a Mandrake advanced from Will’s deployment zone to claim one of the middle objectives, and <poof!> three more Mandrakes appeared from the shadows, giving control of one of the central objectives.  This was the first time reserves have hit the table in my hobby room.  A crack shot from a dark lance brought my Comms specialist down before he could even dish out his buffs.

After killing my Reiver Sergeant, who had Veteran moved onto an objective, Will held the midfield with a dominating force of Drukhari. After Turn 1 the score was a crooked 3-1 for the elves.

My new combi-flamer veteran managed two kills and another flesh wound before he was charged successfully.

While Will’s superior numbers allowed him to hold his friendly and both central objectives, my well armed Marines were drawn into a fistfight with maddened xenos creatures, fighting for their lives while the game slipped away!  My superior firepower was utterly neutralized by the swarm of mandrakes.  My forces were immediately pushed back and swarmed just outside our deployment area.

It was a battle we could not win. Will’s overwhelming points advantage put this games out of reach early, though we played it out all the way to turn 6.

My team was an ineffective hodgepodge, while Will’s, if nothing else, had bodies to spare. All three of my primaris models were removed from the table in the first two turns, leaving me with only one-wound models the rest of the way.

It was a rough beating, ending up somewhere in the neighborhood of 11-2 Drukhari, but I had fun anyway. It had been so long we had to look up some rules again, but the game flowed fairly well.

There’s definitely a lot to learn about the new Elites units, both my own and those of other factions.  Look forward to more battle reports to come as I turn the tables on Will’s vile Drukhari!

One thought on “Disaster Strikes!”

  1. Excellent report. I got VERY lucky with some key die rolls, especially in the early rounds which swung the game heavily in my favor.

    The justification for the scenario was that the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose were seeking revenge on the Dark Angels for laying waste to their friends and lovers, the Wych Coven from earlier battle reports (which were always stomped by the DA). They proved their point with extreme prejudice.

    My team was comprised of the following (all non-Mandrake units were part of the Kabal of Obsidian Rose for the ignore long-ranged penalty bonus):
    Leader: Sybarite w/ Agonizer, Blast Pistol, Phantasm Grenade Launcher – 13 pts
    Sniper: Kabalite Gunner w/ Dark Lance – 12 pts
    Comms: Kabalite Gunner w/ Blaster – 11 pts.
    Combat: Nightfiend (in retrospect, should probably swap this with a standard Mandrake and make it a Zealot instead) – 13 pts.
    4x Kabalite Warriors w/ Splinter Rifles – 7 pts. each
    4x Mandrakes – 12 pts. each

    I think this combination worked out pretty well and the only improvement to the team would be to maybe drop something for a Klaivex (the improved Incubus unit). But even that is questionable since they’re not nearly as flexible or durable as the Mandrakes (The -1 to hit and 5+ invulnerable save is excellent, Baleblast is pretty incredible, and at least once dished out a Mortal Wound thanks to rolling a 6 on the to Wound roll).


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