Getting Dressed for Adventure

Our hobbit friend is slowly getting his clothes on.

I’ve worked up the pants & his pale green shirt. I think I may also add some stripes to the pants, but for now I’m watching the yellow shirt.  I plan to apply a bit of pointillism there to create a different texture.

I’m trying to represent softer cloth on the pants by using less dramatic contrast, as Bailey teaches. It may need more contrast anyway, but I’ll wait to see how things look as the other textiles round into shape.

The pastel green is also a new challenge for me. I adore painters who use a kind of washed out pastel/watercolor technique, but it’s not something I’ve explored. For this mini I’m just going to use it in the shirt, but I would like to give it a go across an entire model sometime.

Miss Cora was keeping a close eye on things this morning. “More orange! More black! More white! They’re the only colors you need,” she kept saying. I disregarded her advice, and made her take her medicine to boot. I hope she’s not too angry with me!

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